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Have you heard of KalySwap? We are not just an exchange! We are an entire Ecosystem!

KalySwap is the main DEX of the KalyChain network, here you can safely, quickly and cheaply exchange any token of the KalyChain network.

Earn returns on $KSWAP based on your participation in the ecosystem! What are you waiting for? Come meet us!

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Buy and sell in the KalyChain ecosystem

The Kalychain network offers a wide catalog of web3 services within its ecosystem, ranging from a decentralized blockchain created with Hyperledger Besu to an app for everyday micropayments KalyPay. 

KalyChain offers the possibility of deploying smart contracts and DApps compatible with the ERC-20 standard and EVM networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Chain, among others, check out our competitive gas fee costs! 

Buying and selling on KalySwap is very easy, just follow the following steps: 

  1. Add the KalyChain network to your favorite web3 wallet. 
  2. Get some $KSWAP, you can do it with your favorite card! 
  3. Start interacting with KalySwap! 

Don’t forget to get some $KLC for the KalyChain network commissions, we are a cheap network, but not FREE either!!


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We ensure best services

Cost-Effective Transactions

Customers choose SimpleSwap as the average exchange time is 15 minutes. Moreover, they are free to exchange as much cryptocurrency as needed from $5 to infinity.

High Transactional Throughput

With multiple ways to passively earn yield on your coins, you can choose your own yield stack and make your money work for you, all in the background, 24/7.

Enhanced Trust and Transparency

Own your own crypto, just like cash in your wallet. Fully decentralized & self custody of your funds means your money in your wallet, as it should be.

Easily Exchange Cryptocurrencies

KalySwap is an easy-to-use, safe crypto exchange. It allows you to make quick crypto swaps, not requiring you to go through a verification process. Platform offers different convenient tools in order to make your crypto life simple.

Decentralized Record of Transactions

Here customers can not only exchange cryptocurrency but also sell and buy it with bank cards. The process is clear, they just need to follow simple steps.

Military-Grade Encryption

We value our users' privacy, so we use the most advanced military-grade encryption to securely store data.

About Us

Help build the future with KalyChain

We extend a warm invitation to all developers, innovators, and visionaries to delve into the intricate frameworks that power KalyChain. Our doors are open for you to unravel the possibilities, tap into the potentials, and reshape the future of decentralized finance.

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Backed by an Entire Ecosystem

Why Choose Us

Earn more from your crypto

Add liquidity to KalySwap  and earn $KSWAP rewards every day.

Liquidity providers can also farm their LP tokens to receive $KSWAP token rewards.

Secure System
24/7 Support

KalyChain is a service recently taken out of the oven and launched on the market, as an institution we are pleased to be able to provide you with useful and scalable solutions for your daily life, we appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism that may be presented, we work to improve, together we work in the Pro of crypto !